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the Hobbit (2003)
Finished 2/6/2022

Captures the book perfectly but has some stumbling points when it comes to artificial game lengthening.
🞿🞿🞿 /5

Nobody Saves the World (2022)
Finished 1/23/2022

Love the amount of customization in this game, the ability to move powers to other forms adds a level of creativity that makes you feel like you are in complete
control of how well you are going to do. Once you find your build you are pretty set but I do like that it does want you to go outside your comfort zone and try
out new builds. It has a fun look and maybe a story that is easy to skip but let's be honest the gameplay on this one is so strong that it's a great time.
🞿🞿🞿🞿 /5

Turnip Boy Comits Tax Evasion (2021)
Finished 1/15/2022

If you skip all of the lame writing you might actually have fun! Zero laughs mostly dated references that's boring and tired. Plays fine though and at least is short.
🞿 🞿 /5

The Room (2012)
Finished 1/11/2022

Played on PC and I believe that this was a better experience on the phone, but as is it's a solid puzzle game.
It's short which I appreciate and puzzles won't have you too flustered. Getting every achievemnt was story
based which is perfect for a fairly simple puzzle box style game.
🞿 🞿 🞿/5

Flight Control HD (2009)
Finished 1/6/2022

Played this because it was a part of the 1001 games to play before you die. Reading the book it seems like
when this was written in 2010 the idea of touch phone games was a pretty novel idea and starting to make waves
and this game was one of those early phone game choices. I think it's worthy of it though because it
encapsulates what is so addictive about games like this. Short, simple, and easy to understand. Let me tell you
how much I didn't think I'd care about this game but it actually was quite a bit of fun. Making plane connections
when the screen gets so many flights is intensely enjoyable. There isn't a lot of substance here and I would not
include it on the list now over 10 years later but its still a great time.
🞿 🞿 🞿/5

PictoQuest: The Cursed Grid (2019)
Finished 1/6/2022

Pictoquest is a simple picross game mixed with light RPG elements. You buy items and fight monsters in a timely manner so you
don't lose all your health and die. It makes for a challenging picross experience and as a picross fan I feel like it was a
nice touch to give a little more life to the puzzles. It's not entirely challenging, but as you go along the puzzles do get bigger
and start to feel a little more rewardign to finish. There is no need to care about the story here, just enjoyable fun puzzles
with around 10 hours of content. It's one of the better picross games I have ever played.
🞿 🞿 🞿 1/2 /5

A Way Out (2018)
Finished 1/1/2022

Story is a little lame but makes up for it with some fun action and a great time with whoever you want to play with.
It's only around 5 hours which is just right, if it was any longer it could be tedious.
Just grab a friend you'll come out of it appreciating all of the work that went into this and with a solid good time.
🞿 🞿 🞿 1/2 /5