Desire, I Want to Turn Into You - Caroline Polachek (2023)
Listened 2/14/2023

Love the etheal 90s sound this album has. Only a few tracks are a little too languid otherwise most of this album gives an eccentric fun sound. The top songs on this are pop jams that Caroline sings so perfectly with.

Best Tracks: Welcome to My Island, Fly to You, and Billions
Worst Track: Hopedrunk Everasking


This is Why - Paramore (2023)
Listened 2/13/2023

When the tracks are great they are GREAT, but when they are lackluster it's fairly boring. Yet I do think this is more hit than miss especially instrumentally. It's going for a really interesting post punk style,but I'm unsure if Haley Williams voice pairs well with it. Usually when she hops in is when a track becomes a bit boring on this ones less interesting tracks. The strong songs are really strong though and I hope to see more stuff like this from Paramore.

Best Tracks: This Is Why, Running Out of Time, and Big Man Little Dignity
Worst Track: C'est comme ├ža