Destroy All Monsters (1968)
Watched 2/15/2023

When the monsters get together this is incredible. All of the miniature destruction is fun and the actual fight is a blast. too bad the human element here is uninteresting. Usually when Honda throw Sci-Fi elements into his kaiju films its a treat, but the villain here is barely in this and not too creative. Still worth watching for some of the best monster fighting in the series.


La La Land (2016)
Watched 2/14/2023

Last time I watched this was in the theater in 2016 and still I remember every moment of this movie. Beautiful songs and imagery and those final 20 minutes are perfection. Chazelle excels in throwing style in your face and not caring how you feel about it and I dig it.


Knock at the Cabin - M. Night Shyamalan (2023)
Watched 2/14/2023

I had a blast! M. Night is such a cheesy director but here I thought he was able to craft something genuinely thrilling while keeping that goofy ass camera framing he loves to throw in your face. Goofy lines abound as well, its a joy to watch. Dave is amazing in this too!